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Gosnell book review

Top 6 Most Shocking Reveals in the Gosnell Book

Author Ann McElhinney admits on the first page that she did not trust or like pro-life activists. Yet, the following story will chillingly tell how she herself became submerged in a world where the performers of abortion reached such depths, it was impossible to ignore. At least, impossible for her and her husband, Frack Nation’s Phelim McAleer. Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer has already sparked controversy by not reaching the NYT Best Seller list even though it instantly sold out at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, despite very few media giving the book reviews or any kind of press. Think politics isn’t involved? Then read on to see just the first bit of the most shocking reveals in the book. Continue reading “Top 6 Most Shocking Reveals in the Gosnell Book”

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5 Books I Want to Read in 2017

With a reading list I’ll never finish because it grows faster than I read, I did not accomplish much this year. Most of my reading time was spent finishing the list in 2015, “educating” myself in the coming election, and I also got Netflix and Hulu on a regular basis. So…. yeah. But that shall not stop me from doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. So with no further ado and in no particular order, here are my most wanted books I’d like to read in 2017: Continue reading “5 Books I Want to Read in 2017”

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Blast From the Past! Tim Minear Answers My Question on Writing

The year was 2005 and I had made my way to Los Angeles for the Screenwriting Expo and loads of screen themed fun. The highlight of the event was taking this class from the man Tim Minear, the force behind Angel, Wonderfalls, and oh yes, American Horror Story. Long story short: we got to ask questions, and mine – “what do you look for in a writer?” – got picked up by the YouTube: Continue reading “Blast From the Past! Tim Minear Answers My Question on Writing”

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An Evening With Ann Coulter

Last night, the city of Houston had a controversial, yet hilarious visitor (just like I like them). The always outspoken Ann Coulter made her way to Houston for the first time to speak at an event at Houston Baptist University. Accompanying her was radio host Hugh Hewitt, and what follows is my humble account of the evening. Continue reading “An Evening With Ann Coulter”

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book review

How to Write Book Review Rants & Raves

Hello all, and welcome to another blog post concerning all things book review. Recently, I’ve posted a review for the excellent “Amy Lynn” by Jack July, which can be found on The Noisy Room. I’ve also written a few guest posts, most recently my 5 Excuses Women Use Not to Write for Women on Writing.

And it all got me thinking, what makes book review good enough to turn me into a school girl? For me, I think it’s a dash of breakdown of what the story is about and intended audience, aka the easy part. However, when coming up with favorable or unfavorable book reviews, the task can get hairy. No matter whether you loved, hated, or found the book to be ho-hum, it can be difficult to relay without seeming to loving or hating. Continue reading “How to Write Book Review Rants & Raves”

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Novel Writing Vs. Screen Writing: The Ultimate Battle

Hello all, and welcome to another rocking blog post with tips on how to write. In a recent interview with Writestream Radio, I was asked by expert host and author Jack July on the differences between writing a novel and film. As always, I gave a garbled answer, so instead I decided to share more here in infographic form: Continue reading “Novel Writing Vs. Screen Writing: The Ultimate Battle”

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book review

Book Review: My Imaginary Friend Was Too Cool to Hang Out With Me

Hello all! Time for another entry in our illustrious Book Review entry. Today’s entry is on My Imaginary Friend Was Too Cool to Hang Out With Me by Charles Freericks. It is an autobiography/personal memoir tale of his journey from childhood to semi-adult in and around the town of Paramus, New Jersey. Continue reading “Book Review: My Imaginary Friend Was Too Cool to Hang Out With Me”

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Freebies for Writers: Free UPS My Choice Premier 1-Year Membership

Welcome to another blog post on freebies and free stuff for writers. We’ve recently discussed how to get lots of free stuff just for writers including apps, books, and more, and now it’s time for something for those of you who mail lots of stuff. Today’s entry is about how to get a free premier membership from UPS.

Continue reading “Freebies for Writers: Free UPS My Choice Premier 1-Year Membership”

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read a book speed reading

Read a Book With Speed Reading App

Hello all, we at Micro-Immortality are constantly attempting to give you tools on how to write, but today we are talking about how to read. As a writer and lover of reading, I’m constantly bombarded with tools to help read a book, including e-readers, file converters, and apps. Today, we’ll be looking at speed reading apps that can help you read a book faster than ever before. Continue reading “Read a Book With Speed Reading App”

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