Blast From the Past! Tim Minear Answers My Question on Writing

The year was 2005 and I had made my way to Los Angeles for the Screenwriting Expo and loads of screen themed fun. The highlight of the event was taking this class from the man Tim Minear, the force behind Angel, Wonderfalls, and oh yes, American Horror Story. Long story short: we got to ask questions, and mine – “what do you look for in a writer?” – got picked up by the YouTube: Continue reading “Blast From the Past! Tim Minear Answers My Question on Writing”

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Novel Writing Vs. Screen Writing: The Ultimate Battle

Hello all, and welcome to another rocking blog post with tips on how to write. In a recent interview with Writestream Radio, I was asked by expert host and author Jack July on the differences between writing a novel and film. As always, I gave a garbled answer, so instead I decided to share more here in infographic form: Continue reading “Novel Writing Vs. Screen Writing: The Ultimate Battle”

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Writing Inspiration: Author Blog Hop

I’ve been to participate in an author blog hop as writing inspiration! There are four questions I’m to answer as humorously as possible. I received the invite from Rebecca Nolen author of “Deadly Thyme” and “The Dry.” More info on those here. Continue reading “Writing Inspiration: Author Blog Hop”

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Writing Inspiration: Never Aired Interview

Hello all, welcome to another post on writing inspiration. In a search to find people to review my novel, I came across a site with a form to fill out in order to submit. I “carefully” filled it out and sent it in, only to find the site hadn’t been updated in several months. Not wanting to deprive the public of my “wisdom,” I’ve posted the interview in its entirety below. Enjoy and please accept my preemptive apologies. Continue reading “Writing Inspiration: Never Aired Interview”

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Writing Tips: How to Keep Your Characters From Sounding Alike

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with my writer’s group at the Houston Writers Guild. The comments and feedback of peers is crucial to the process and great for real time writing tips. If you need real time help on how to write and other writing tips, this is highly recommended. During these circles, one of the comments I find myself giving most is that the characters in the story all sound alike.

Continue reading “Writing Tips: How to Keep Your Characters From Sounding Alike”

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Writing Inspiration: 5 Writing Lessons as Learned From Joss Whedon

My fellow screenwriters need no intro to JW, but for everyone else, Joss Whedon is the creator behind Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Avengers, and many other works. Like any good hopeful writer, I “borrow” as much as I can from my favorites and made a list of the best in Whedon-themed writing inspiration below. Continue reading “Writing Inspiration: 5 Writing Lessons as Learned From Joss Whedon”

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How to Write: CreateSpace Glossy vs. Matte Cover

I recently scoured the web for info on how to manage CreateSpace’s cover tool and ran into the new age old question: Should I pick CreateSpace glossy finish cover or matte finish cover? As with most things self-publishing, there is no one clear answer, so I’ve summarized my experience below.

How to Write: Create Space Glossy Cover

The Pro’s

I’ve found that most books use the glossy finish, and they use it for a reason. The cover just plain looks better glossy. But when creating my very own work, Ordinance 93, I decided to get both finishes to literally see for myself.

As you can see below,the matte cover on the left looks more faded, and it is not due to lighting or camera issues. My cover is a darker cover with a lot of black, and this just plum looks better in the glossy finish.

The Con’s

The CreateSpace glossy cover does curl more easily than the matte finish. In fact, it started curling after a few days, and I only opened it and closed it a few times for proofing purposes.

How to Write: Create Space Matte Cover

The Pro’s

As previously stated, if you want a book cover that doesn’t curl, go with matte. It also seems to do fairly well with lighter colors or covers that are mostly white. Below is a picture comparing the back covers (a Vampire Academy novel is on the left) for comparison.

 Writing-Tips-Glossy-vs.-MatteThe Con’s

As you can see, the middle cover, the CreateSpace matte finish cover, is duller than both my cover in glossy finish, and the professional cover on the left in glossy finish.


As I found out from my Facebook poll, most of my friends preferred the CreateSpace glossy finish over the matte. And if you’re concerned about price, CreateSpace currently charges the same no matter which finish you choose.

And if you still are unsure about glossy vs. matte, order a sample in each to see for yourself.

Ordinance 93 ThumbnailL. Fabry is the author of Ordinance 93, a novel set in a world where having a baby without permission is against the law and the first four people to break it. She also writes about everything from reaction injection molding to low fat recipes while indulging her need for creative outlets including novels and screenplays. Find out more on Twitter.

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How to Write: Bowker ISBN Info

Hello all,

Continuing in my quest to show myself and others how to write, I came across the Q&A from the Bowker webinar regarding their ISBN and related services. Full disclosure: I have vicariously bought an ISBN from Bowker before from a friend who bought in bulk and sold the rest. Continue reading “How to Write: Bowker ISBN Info”

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How to Write: Inspiration for "Ordinance 93"

In what is the first of I hope to be many, this is a blog for how to write with tips on writing. Full disclosure: I may be a professional writer, but my tips are to be used, challenged, or disregarded as you see fit.

Continue reading “How to Write: Inspiration for "Ordinance 93"”

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