Freebies for Writers: Free Printer Paper

Welcome to another blog post on freebies and free stuff for writers. We’ve previously discussed how to get free writing apps and free writing software, and now it’s time for something tangible. Today’s entry is about how to get free paper, a great tool for reading and editing those works. Although Kindle and iPads may be great for reading, you still need to print your stuff for a variety of reasons, and why spend money on paper when you can get it for free?<

Pro’s of the Freebie

This is obvious: free paper! This freebie for writers includes standard printer paper from HammerMill® Copy Plus Copy Paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″, Ream with 500 sheets. Freebie for Writers Free paperOr if you’re truly in need of lots of free paper, get the Staples® 8.5″ x 11″ Copy Paper, 5-Ream Case with a whopping 2,500 sheets.

Con’s of the Freebie

As with most freebies for writers, there is some hassle. You will have to use a combo of coupons and rebates to purchase your free paper, but do not fear, it’s easier than it sounds. Simply go to the Staples Coupon Page, click on the offer(s) you want, and print. Take the coupons to your local store and purchase the paper at a discount. For the rebate part, enter the 17-digit Easy Rebates ID Number printed on your receipt on the official Staples Easy Rebates Page. The best part is, you will not have to fill out lengthy forms, make copies, or mail in anything. The Staples site will process your rebate(s) and mail you your rebate usually in the form of a check.

My Thoughts on the Freebie

I love it and use it often! The biggest problem I have is not enough space to house all this printer paper.

Verdict on the Freebie for Writers

Get it and get it now! Staples does seem to run this promotion a few times a year, but why take the risk when you can collect now? Please be aware, you have to go into the store to get your paper, as shipping charges eat away at this freebie.

This freebie for writers ends March 15, 2014

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